It's finally here! The infinite clicker game where there's no score at all!

Instead of only thinking about your own wealth, try making your employees a bit happier.  They have families too! Make sure they can look back at a great career when they retire. And don't forget, money does not make you happy, it's smiling faces!

Less 💰More ❤ was made for the GMTK-jam of 2018. The theme was  [genre] without [mechanic].

The game was made in 24 hours by me, using Construct 2 and Pyxeledit.


  • No joke, this is a clicker game. You just click.
  • Other than that, you can add employees by clicking on a work environment and check the emotional state of your employees by clicking on them.You can increase the happiness of your employees by clicking... a lot.
  • You can't add employees when too many of them are unhappy!

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