Tic v1.0

I've been working on Tic occasionally for the past year, trying to figure out what it needed to become a full game. I don't mean 10+ hours of content by that. I just wanted to polish it and make it feel complete. In the end I cut all of the extra mechanics and 18 new levels I had in mind. The challenge of the game is to perform this sequence of key presses as fst as possible. It's not a dynamic challenge, and I realised there wasn't going to be more than that. I decided it wasn't worth my time. It turned into a development learning project. I learned how to code a little text-file-to-tilemap level loader, and a cool palette swap shader. The biggest time-sink was the redesign of the menu, I could write a book about it. Lots of interesting stuff. Even though the gameplay is very shallow and fun for about five minutes, I'm happy with the polish I managed to achieve.


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Sep 26, 2021

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