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For a 3 hours gamejam game it is very well balanced! indeed some feedback would be nice. Also I noticed that if you spam the buttons you can eventually hack level 9? You should do definitely do more with the muscle memory!

Fun game concept, really have to plan out your route otherwise you wont make it in time. At a certain point you keep doing the same motion in the stage but just trying to get faster. Could be an interesting way to build up muzzle memory for other purposes. 

Really cool game concept! Some levels (especially level 7) felt like the input of my keyboard coudn't even register 6/7 inputs under a second, which was kind of frustrating, I'd suggest some sort of extra buffer like add 0.2ms or 0.1m to the countdown, I think this buffer would allow for the input to come through while still keeping it super challenging!

Very nice concept! Feedback for the timer would be nice, or change the color of being inactive opposed to being active. A level with multiple solution paths could be interesting as well. Or even a pickup to get a little bit of extra time by "freezing" the one second.

Way too addictive, really fun game! For the less experienced players (me) I'd love to see a feature where the player can complete the level within 2 seconds for instance but you'd get less points. Really fun overall